The leader in Electronic Discovery

Clearwell Systems, a pioneer in Intelligent E-Discovery, is transforming the way enterprises conduct e-discovery in response to litigation, regulatory inquiries, and corporate investigations. By automating the analysis and review of electronically stored information, Clearwell enables enterprises to reduce the cost, duration, and risk of e-discovery. Leading corporations, government agencies, and legal service providers have reduced e-discovery costs by as much as 80 percent within days of their deployments.

Clearwell to accelerate early case assessments, intelligently cull-down data, increase reviewer productivity, and ensure the defensibility of their e-discovery process. Consistently ranked as a leader in independent e-discovery industry surveys and reports, Clearwell Systems is an active participant in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) Project and The Sedona Conference.

E-Discovery Features: Clearwell E-Discovery Platform Features

The Clearwell E-Discovery Platform is an appliance that is up and running in less than 25 minutes. Since the product's web-based interface is extremely intuitive and user-friendly, most attorneys, litigation support professionals, and forensics teams are productive immediately with minimal training. The solution seamlessly integrates with your current collection process and allows you to consolidate all processing, analysis, review, and production tools into one platform.

The Clearwell E-Discovery Platform enables true enterprise-class e-discovery management while delivering unique and powerful capabilities in the most critical and expensive phases of e-discovery:

* Processing
* Search
* Analysis
* Review
* Production
* Case Management

Clearwell has helped global enterprises, law firms, and government agencies realize substantial return on investment—even after only a single case. The Clearwell E-Discovery Platform is the industry's first fully integrated appliance solution that provides pre-processing, processing, analysis, review, and production capabilities and delivers the following benefits:

* Accelerate early case assessments from weeks to hours
* Cull-down data by up to 90%
* Increase review throughput and consistency
* Reduce movement of data across multiple, disparate tools
* Improve defensibility of the e-discovery process