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Corporate and government investigators face numerous pressures when performing digital investigations. The number of investigations continues to grow, as does the amount of electronically stored information requiring analysis. Deadlines are increasingly aggressive, raising the urgency to find all the evidence and accurately determine who knew what, and when. Moreover, controlling costs remains a pressing concern, preventing teams from adding more people to cope with the ever-increasing workload.

The Clearwell eDiscovery Software Solution:

Solve Investigations Ten Times Faster

Clearwell's eDiscovery software streamlines the digital investigation process, helping investigators handle more investigations in less time while improving the accuracy of the results. Clearwell's e Discovery software forensically collects electronic files from across the organization, automatically analyzes the data, and enables investigators to rapidly identify all evidence and suspects involved in a corporate or government investigation.

Key benefits of using Clearwell's eDiscovery software for digital investigations include:

  • Easily collect suspect data from relevant data sources in a forensically sound manner using a single solution
  • Solve investigations in hours instead of days by utilizing automated analysis

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